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  • Partners you know

    Partners you know

    IPC is more than a private cloud. It’s a partnership that values commitment and a community that values excellence. Every IPC member, no matter their size, can count on the same benefits and quality of service.

    • Service-level agreements
    • Guaranteed uptime for unscheduled interruptions
    • Community best practices and expectations
    • One-year contract commitment
    • Scalable support for enterprise workloads
  • Resources you can trust

    Resources you can trust

    You know as well as we do: strong connections start at home. IPC members benefit from a system of proven networks, world-class data centers, and an award-winning infrastructure—every bit of it located and staffed in Indiana.

    • I-Light Network connection option
    • Connectivity (ingress/egress) through your ISP
    • 24/7/365 support by the Global Research Network Operations Center
    • Fully redundant data centers in Bloomington and Indianapolis
    • Dell and Hitachi Data Systems with VMware Virtualization technologies
  • Rates you can afford

    Rates you can afford

    In the end, what matters is what you can afford. Unlike other services, IPC isn’t focused on tiers and hierarchies. It delivers exactly what you need—no more, no less, and at a flat, annual rate that fits your budget.

    • Backup content storage
      $.70 per GB
    • Additional CPUs
      $135 each
    • Additional memory
      $39 per GB
    • Additional disk storage
      $1.75 per GB
    • * Rates represent annual cost per service


VMware is excited to extend our partnership with Indiana University with the announcement of Indiana’s Private Cloud. With this new cloud platform, we can help deliver educational services and curriculum with the agility it takes to benefit students across the State of Indiana.

Carl Eschenbach

President and Chief Operating Officer, VMware

Hitachi Data Systems is honored to be part of the Indiana Private Cloud initiative leveraging proven Hitachi technologies. Indiana University has a long history of innovation. With IPC, we will be able to deliver services more quickly and securely to users across the state to help them prepare the next generation of leaders.

Jack Domme

Chief Executive for the Americas, Hitachi, Ltd.
CEO, Hitachi Data Systems

Dell appreciates the opportunity to continue our partnership with Indiana University on your private cloud and new initiatives. This partnership began in 2010 and we look forward to strengthening that for many years to come with our innovative enterprise solutions and working with IU.

John Mullen

Vice President & General Manager, Dell

Ball State University values our longstanding partnership with Indiana University. Our commitment to shared infrastructure is another example of leveraging that partnership to provide exceptionally reliable technology infrastructure while reducing overall costs to the Indiana taxpayer. We look forward to building upon our cooperative investment in Indiana’s Private Cloud, which continues to provide world-class services to our students, faculty, and our entire university community.

Philip Repp

Vice President for Information Technology
Ball State University

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Indiana’s Private Cloud is a community you know, with resources you can trust at rates you can afford.

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